"18 month update. When I started with Nicole I was at the bottom. I was hungover everyday. I felt like crap. I did not have enough energy to get to the end of the day and often would need to nap. Often I would not be to sleep until 2am then up at 7. It was horrid. I hated my life.
Now I am loving life. I am eating healthy, sleeping enough. Hangovers are an item of my past. I do yoga at home. Even my kids make comments about happy dad and the old grumpy dad.
Working with Nicole was the major factor in all this. She was not the only person I worked with, but she got me started and kept me accountable through my changes. Get on top of your life and work with Nicole!"​

-Terry Wynia

"I didn't need tough love, a drill sergeant, or a training tyrant. I needed Nicole. When so much about life is ready to beat you down and discourage your best efforts, Nicole is a healing presence; she brings grace into your life, and gently and honestly helps you take the steps to shed the chains keeping you from the best version of yourself.

Her comprehensive knowledge of health, fitness, physical and spiritual healing, and energy combine to meet all your needs. Working with Nicole is a relief - like finally finding what was missing in your life. I am a better, happier person for the time I have spent with Nicole, and you will be too."  

​- Heather Joy


"Nicole is a force of love! She exudes positivity and compassion. Her gentle yet energetic meditation and yoga teaching was life changing and the perfect compliment to hiking and cayoneering through Southwest Utah. I have continued working with Nicole even though I live in Michigan. She truly has touched my life and assists me in reaching my life goals. Thank you, Nicole! "

-Nishi Singhal

"Nicole and I met through, what I like to call, synchronicity. Bonding over mutual interests, I was instantly impressed with Nicole's level of knowledge and passion for health and wellness. But what stood out to me the most was her go-getter attitude and amazing energy! It was clear to me very early on of knowing her that she is the type of person who, indeed, practices what she preaches. So, when the time came to select a "peer coach" at IIN, it was a very easy decision to want to work with Nicole! Even though we lived on two different coasts, she always made herself available as if she was right here in NYC with me.

I learned so much from Nicole over the year (possibly more than she realizes) and I have to say I feel blessed to have connected with her. I have witnessed her growth and establishment as a leader in the wellness world often balancing many projects, classes, studies, initiatives, and responsibilities at once (and doing so with grace may I add!) - a true power house. Not only is she talented and an extremely hard-worker, but she has a very special gift. She is intuitive beyond words and she truly knows how to connect with others - on many different levels. I have experienced this both personally by working with Nicole and by hearing what others have to say about her work. I am confident in Nicole's abilities as a teacher, coach, and leader and I know she is only going to keep growing into greater things. I would recommend Nicole to any potential client, employer or colleague. Spend 5 minutes with her and you will agree!"  
-Jamie Bradley

I have the best clients in the world. ​I do. ​​They're funny, happy, and quirky - and like all people, sometimes they can even be downright cranky, frustrated, and stubborn. But that's okay - I love it! Let's get real, let's get our hands dirty, and let's get started. That's where the true yoga & transformation begins.

My wellness practice is all about getting real and starting from that place of raw authenticity. My clients inspire me in their own courageous yearning for a better life - and that in turn infuses energy into my own path in yoga. I'm blessed and humbled to receive their kind words.

"I don't know where to start, and how to thank Nicole enough for her constant support and guidance. I met Nicole during a very dark time in my life, where I was dealing with severe anxiety, and she comforted me instantly. She's incredibly knowledgable, kind, and truly anyone would be very lucky to have her as their coach throughout life's journey.

Throughout our sessions, she not only helped me ground myself, but guided me on nutrition and ways to use meditation to my benefit! I honestly, cannot recommend her services enough! Thank you Nicole, for everything and for being such a beautiful human."​

-Bianca Poletti

In Their Words

I cannot pinpoint exactly when I lost control of my health, but it started with a diagnosis of PCOS and endometriosis after failing to get pregnant. I spent the last five years of my 20s undergoing fertility treatments and a surgery to remove endometrial tissue from my body. When I began my journey into a healthier lifestyle I didn't realize how GOOD I could actually feel. I stopped all treatments and began low carb/low calorie dieting, losing 40 of the 60 pounds I gained during my struggle with infertility. Even though I was proud of the weight I had lost, I wasn't energized like I was before modern medicine damaged my body. 

I began working with Nicole almost six months ago. The information and guidance she has provided me with has improved my lifestyle dramatically. I do not recognize the woman I was before. I used to be tortured by snapping pains in my abdomen and back from endometriosis, which only worsened with exercise. My cycles were unpredictable and the cramping was so severe I spent a week every month bed bound. 

Not only do I feel energetic and alive again, I do not experience any endometriosis related pain and I am exercising regularly. My cycles are a predictable 28 days apart and other than mild cramping and some fatigue, I can work a full week without taking any time off. Her comforting and non-judgemental demeanor allowed me to open up completely and helped me to strengthen my relationship with my family and friends.  

Saying that Nicole's impact on my life has been a blessing simply isn't enough...she has helped me regain my confidence, my health and most importantly, my life.

-Ashley Cunningham
Meeting Nicole was such a blessing! I'm so happy to have had her by my side coaching me when I was trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and make positive changes in my life. I was planning for a big wedding, working a full time job and trying to coach myself to lead a healthier lifestyle - and that's when Nicole found me. It was truly serendipity at its finest. 

Before I started my journey with Nicole, I had a history of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a ton of aches and pains in my back and knees. I was't sleeping properly, I was always grouchy and had sugar cravings during the day at work. I tried and struggled to coach myself into a healthier lifestyle using the old saying, "eat less and workout more," and it just wasn't working for me. 
When I met Nicole, she listened to my goals, my habits, my health history and my personal fears and happiness. It was through our interactions, that she taught me a better way to live healthier. And guess what...I'm eating more than I did before, working out less, and still losing weight. I can also happily say that I am completely free of all health risks and happily married my best friend in a dress that looked amazing! 

In our fast-paced society, we can easily mislead ourselves into thinking we know how to live the healthiest lifestyle. We all want quick fixes and things that make the job easy. But my biggest lesson with Nicole was learning that the human body is a marvelous thing and if you give it the nutrients it deserves, it will take care of you in return. Nicole is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and I truly think of her as my fish teacher. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." 

-Natasha Gibson
"Up until the time I started working with Nicole a year ago, my back had been a constant struggle. Throughout my adult life, I’ve had periods where I couldn’t walk or run. Over the last 10 years, I could go a few weeks without problems, and then my back would act up and I would have to take time off of work to lay flat and recover.  My assumption has been that I would have to deal with this constant threat of debilitating back pain forever.

Throughout this time, many people suggested I should try yoga.  Unfortunately, every time I tried it was in a class, and I was so inflexible I couldn't even approach the proper poses.  I started working with Nicole after I had injured myself again working out.  I was extremely skeptical of yoga because of my past experiences, but she was so supportive and knowledgeable I thought I would give it a try.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. The results have been incredible.  At the most basic level, my back pain, something I thought would never go away, is gone.  I can now sit as long as I want, and exercise to my heart's content, but I'm also infinitely stronger in all parts of my body.  

Whatever your issues may be, Nicole can make them better for a number of reasons:
1) Nicole is not someone who has memorized a bunch of yoga moves.  She is an expert in anatomy and knows every muscle in the human body and how each muscle affects other muscles.  If your shoulder hurts, she knows exactly what is causing the pain and how to address it.  
2) Her approach to overall health is comprehensive.  She is a yoga expert, a physical trainer, and a nutritionist.  She has combined my yoga training with a nutrition plan, which has improved not only my strength and flexibility, but my overall health as well.  
3) Best of all, Nicole is a teacher in the best sense of the word.  You will never feel like a silly neophyte with her.  Her number one goal is to improve your health, which you will feel every time you work out with her.  She is genuinely invested in the health of her clients, and that is her number one concern.  

I’ve experienced incredible positive change in my life because of Nicole.  She has helped me solve a problem I thought was unsolvable."  

-Paul Pitkin