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Om shanti! Shanti! Shanti! 

Nicole Dawn is a Yoga Teacher and a Board-Certified Health & Life Coach (AADP) with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and the Sundust Oracle Institute at Bastyr University. She holds advanced-level Yoga Alliance certification (RYT-500) as well as registered specialization in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga (RPYT). 

She is further specialized in fitness and anatomy as a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Certified Barre Above Fitness Instructor. Additionally, she practices ancient cross-cultural energy balancing techniques as a means of grounding and staying connected with our ancestry.

In addition to working with clients one-on-one or hosting public or corporate wellness workshops, Nicole is a devout practitioner of meditation and mindfulness. Having experienced a powerful transformation in her own life, she is passionate about sharing the immediate and lasting affects that yoga and meditation can bring. Her goal is to spread the message that health practices such as yoga, meditation, and utilizing natural nutrition can help you return to your heart center and sustain you towards your own personal life mission.

With deep gratitude, Nicole continues a dedicated lifetime of study in the ancient yogic tradition, as passed down by Teacher, Diana Pipaloff, of Yoga Shakti Wellness Center in Orange County, California. With special reverence, she is grateful for time spent studying directly under her teacher, Yogi Jnana Nanda Bharati, who is a part of an unbroken yogic lineage that stems back thousands of years in the ancient Sri Vidya tantric tradition.

Currently, she is studying yoga, pranayama and meditation under Murali Venkatrao, Director of the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga, who is pursuing his PhD at Prashanti Kuteeram, a teaching Yoga hospital in India. She is forever grateful for recent time spent studying yoga throughout Eastern and Northern India while on spiritual pilgrimage. No words can express the power of practicing yoga and sun gazing at sunrise on the beaches of India or of meditation while at the holiest ashrams and caves of great saints and yogis. Vibrational power that continues in her life today. 

She is forever humbled by those who have helped her find peace and happiness in her own life and feels a sacred duty to share the gifts she's gained with others. Om. Peace. Namaste.

Hello! My name is Nicole Dawn and I’m so glad that you’re here. My comprehensive wellness practice is a sacred duty for me. Because of this blessed opportunity I have to serve you, I can honestly say that I’m excited to wake up every morning! I am thankful that I get to live my dream - every single day

But truly, my life wasn't always this way. Just five years ago, the demands of a corporate career and chronic perfectionism left me sick, exhausted, and depleted. And the worst part of it all, I was completely broken down and had no idea how to get better!

Honestly, I didn’t even know my body could break down so early in life. I was a young, motivated, professional woman excelling in my career until my body stopped supporting me.

Just imagine...

  • sleeping 12 hours and still waking up exhausted
  • eating but no longer being able to digest any food
  • joints and bones that ache all the time
  • clear skin that is now congested & inflamed 
  • no longer having the energy to make it through a whole day
  • feelings of hopelessness & anxiety replacing my once vibrant nature
  • and everyone I confide saying, "It’s all in your head. You just need to relax." But no matter what, I'm just getting worse and worse...

This was my life. I finally sought the help of doctors who prescribed me a list of painkillers, antibiotics, and steroids that temporarily masked my symptoms, but weren't able to treat the underlying issues of my health. It was at this moment of helplessness that I realized I had to take full responsibility for my health and healing. It ended up being the best decision of my life!

I spent the next five years diving into anything I could get my hands on that was health and longevity-related. I studied health diligently on my own and from the teachings of many great experts in the field.  I started practicing yoga as an attempt to lower my stress levels, but then was soon amazed by how it dramatically transformed my thoughts and mind. I enrolled in formal education and certification in an authentic yoga lineage, health & nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and personal training.

I fell in love with my body more-and-more and began listening to it for the first time in my life! I gave it all it needed to flourish, and in return it gave me happiness, clarity, and peace from inside. I spoke to myself with messages of respect, honor, and understanding. I realized I had learned not only how to be healthy but to thrive!

I now stand before you energetic, empowered, confident, and humbled by what I have experienced. I’ve learned what it takes to be filled with energy, sleep solid, feel incredible hope, and nourish my entire body. I cultivated methods to modify my behaviors and habits, create lasting changes, and am enjoying it along the way! I studied health wisdom from many ancient traditions and enhanced their practices with the benefits of modern science. I implemented practices of self-care, whole foods cooking, and the daily use of superfoods to create unimaginable vitality! The type of health that radiates brightly on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Now when I wake up each morning, my first thoughts are:

Thank you.
Thank you for giving me a second chance.
Thank you for letting me live my dream.
Thank you for allowing me to serve.

Everyday is a beautiful day. Each day I am now filled with purpose and a limitless sense of freedom. Each day I feel abundant love from within and from others in this world.

I would be honored to support you in your health and yogic journey. Just like my teachers have led and supported me in mine, I'd love to support you in yours.

Because I care about you & your health,